Vocal Solos
Vocal Solos


Vocal Solos

Songs, Cycles, & Sets

Accompanied by piano unless otherwise indicated. Most available for high or medium voice

bulletLife's Best Gifts (2004)-  Text by Paul Laurence Dunbar                                    9 minutes
bulletConfirmation: "He was a poet who wrote clever verses"                         
bulletThe Poet and The Baby: "How's a man to write a sonnet..."                       
bulletContentment: "Give me no days more brilliant than I know."                   
bulletRain: "The rain streams down like harp strings from the sky."
bullet Celebration, Sorrow, Strength -  expressing universal concepts based on Old Testament women.  Text by composer.
bulletMiriam Sang                                2 minutes
bulletRachel, Crying for Her Children    3 minutes
bulletDeborah Arose                            3 minutes
bulletThree Marys in Four Songs (1980)  - based on New Testament Biblical women.  Text by composer.
bulletMary, Mother of Jesus                                3 minutes
bulletMary Magdalene - Woman of Devotion      5 minutes
bulletMary Magdalene of Easter                          3 minutes
bulletMary and Martha                                        5 minutes
bulletThree Psalms (1999) art songs with piano, or string quartet or string orchestra based on inclusive language Psalm texts.
bulletPsalm 81                                3 minutes
bulletPsalm 131                              3 minutes
bulletPsalm 116                              5 minutes
bulletEight by Emily - on Love and Marriage - art songs with viola and cello accomp., poems by Emily Dickinson        total 14 minutes
In Lands I Never Saw   Wild Nights
O Friend   A Woman White to Be
The Lover Bee   She Rose to His Requirement
Come Slowly, Eden   I'm Wife
bulletSense and Nonsense  -  Text by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland
bulletEverything has a moral
bulletNever imagine yourself to be otherwise
bulletMore Morals
bulletIf there's no meaning in it
bulletVocal Solos (1981) 2 songs w/flute-songs for mezzo soprano and alto flute, or soprano and C flute .
text by Wharton Sinkler  
bulletA Fullness of Time                             3 minutes
bulletWhen the Sun has Set                        3 minutes
bulletVocal Solos- 2 songs w/flute text by Helen Meier (1981)
bulletNature Moves - melody by Helen Meier     30 seconds
bulletCreation, a Symphony                                  30 seconds
bulletThe Catherine Wheel+ song cycle for mezzo soprano w/violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, piano
Ten songs which chronicle the story of an unfaithful husband and the pain and sorrow of his wife.   16 minutes Text by Annette Lynch
bulletA Woman's Heart+, (1982)
bulletBeyond Gifts text by Helen Meier
bulletHeart, We Will Forget Him text by Emily Dickinson
bulletA Birthday text by Christina Rossetti

Solo Cantata

bulletThe Spanish Gypsy+, (1982) mezzo soprano w/orchestra text selections from the George Eliot epic poem of the same name.

Single Songs

bulletThe Colored Soldiers - 2008 text by Paul Laurence Dunbar, described under Choral, this song was originally conceived of as a vocal solo.
bulletWe Ask a Blessing (1990) (wedding song)  text by composer.      3 minutes 
bulletTo God We Give (1993) (wedding song)  text by composer.
bulletSpecial Women (1995) lesbian wedding song
bulletMary's Gift - unusual Christmas text by composer       3 minutes
bulletAs a Mother Comforts Her Children - Text by composer based on Isaiah 66:13         3 minutes
bulletUntouchable+ -   song of the Biblical woman with an issue of blood.
bulletThey Went Home+ - for soprano and saxophone    2 minutes
Poem by Maya Angelou - song of a prostitute
bulletThe Committeewoman+ - Text by composer Subject: Frustrations of a woman of the 80's, Humorous       4 minutes


Copies of scores are available from composer Sales@meiermusic.com include title in all requests.

All scores are high quality computer generated, except titles marked with "+" which are hand calligraphies.

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