"For Joy that a Woman Child is Born" (2005) Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in one movement
standard strings/woodwinds 2-2-2-1/ brass 2-2-1-1/ timp., perc. (2) 18 minutes
Dedicated to my granddaughter, the concerto weaves folk song themes from Norway,
Scotland, Ireland, Germany and the Cherokee nation with original material created from her name:
Kathrynne Grace.
The solo part is at a level for an advanced student or can also be enjoyed by a professional.



"Sketches for Grace" (2002) for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Strings can be 1 or 2 on a part, Winds are 1 to a part: fl. ob. bsn. hn., timp. - 6 minutes
As the title indicates, this was created as a step to the larger concerto above; however, it stands
well on its own as a complete piece.



"Millennial Magic" (1998) - standard strings / woodwinds 2-2-2-1 / brass - 2-2-1-1 / perc. -3 features treble woodwinds, orchestral bells and trumpets.       8:45 minutes

bullet"The Dawning" (1994) - standard strings / woodwinds 2-2-2-1 / brass - 2-2-1-1 / perc. - 3 One of the percussion parts is for celesta and it is and extensive solo part.       14 minutes
bullet"The Claremont Symphony" (1996) - standard strings / woodwinds 2-2-2-1 / brass - 2-2-1-1 / perc. 3 A 'violin' symphony; there is a solo part for the concertmaster throughout the symphony.  It is not as extensive nor as technically demanding as a concerto solo would be.  In the spirit of first chair solos initiated by the concertmaster's extensive solo, there is an opportunity for most of the first chairs to shine briefly in a solo moment.        32 minutes
bulletGrowing Up in Claremont
bulletWorld Adventures
bulletInner Journey
bulletThe Return


bulletMythical Muliebrity ( 1972) - standard strings / woodwinds 2-2-2-1 / brass - 2-2-1-1 / perc. 5 -  Theme and variations, two of which are for percussion alone.       16 minutes

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