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New release of Margaret Meier's "Romantic Passacaglia on a 12 Tone Theme" for piano --


CELEBRATION: Music of American Composers


by internationally acclaimed pianist Althea Waites.


The CD is available on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. The Meier composition is track 4 and can be purchased separately online.


This musical theme has become Meier's signature melody and can also be heard in the organ version of the "Romantic Passacaglia" on Raven OAR 550 and in "The Dawning" for orchestra - Vienna Modern Masters VMM 3037. (See CD section)


Selections from the library of Meier CDs are streamed weekly on Radio ArtsIndonesia, a 24/7 classical music station that broadcasts from Jakarta to the United States and a number of Asian and European countries.


Spring 2015

Scores Available

Having reached an age where there are more years of my life behind me than ahead of me, I am honored to be commissioned to set two powerful and thought provoking poems to music. The words of these two fine poets express the meaning and fulfillment of our past “working lives” and the wisdom, beauty and new challenges of our “later lives”.  I hope you can attend these premieres.


“Gather up the Years”,

an inspiring anthem of Centennial Celebration commissioned by the Pilgrim Place retirement community, will be premiered by the

Pilgrim Place Chorale Centennial Concert

Sunday, April 26, 2015  -  3:30 P.M.

Claremont United Church of Christ,

corner of Harvard and 6th, Claremont, CA

admission - free


“Song of the Chopped-Down Tree”,

poignant and hope filled, has been commissioned by the Claremont Chorale, an outstanding community chorus, for its

Trees and Ph.D.s

spring concert, which celebrates the city of Claremont with its emphasis on “green”, its many colleges and its several fine retirement communities.

Saturday, June 13, 2015 – 3:00 P.M.

Little Bridges Auditorium, 150 E. Fourth St., Claremont

admission - $15 for all ages above 12 years

$10 if pre-ordered – 909-542-8340





High Quality Self-Published Scores of Margaret Meier's works are available. 

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